The French And Spanish Presence In The NBA

If you’ve been watching the NBA over the past few years, you’ve noticed the high number of foreign players in the league, including 2006-07 league MVP and 2010-11 Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki from Germany, and two time Three Point Shootout champion Peja Stojakovic from Serbia.  Currently in the league, there are two countries that have the largest presence: France and Spain.  The French have 7 players playing for NBA teams this season, and Spain is right behind with 6 players representing their country, and these aren’t bench warmers, these are players that make a significant impact for their team when they’re on the floor.  At the moment, France and Spain don’t just lead in the number of players in the NBA, both national teams currently lead Europe; the two squads met in the 2011 EuroBasket Championship with Spain coming away with their second consecutive title. Read more of this post


How To Build A Team To Win 66 Games in 123 Days

With the start of the NBA season right around the corner, they’re getting ready to begin an unprecedented 66 game season.  With the lockout stretching on longer than it should have, teams have been scrambling attempting to get their teams ready for the new campaign; some of them have been attempting to make trades that the commissioner wished they wouldn’t.  In five easy steps, I can show you the proper way to go about building a team for this shortened season. Read more of this post