Return Of The Kick Off

*No punches were pulled in the recording of this podcast*

This week, we covered Arsenal’s 7-1 victory of Blackburn, Chelsea’s 3-3 draw with Manchester United, and we also discussed the various pitch invaders from over the past few weeks of matches around the world.  This week’s podcast is one that you won’t want to miss!  If you have questions that you’d like for us to answer on the podcast in the future, leave them in the comments below.  Enjoy!



The Kick Off #3 (Right click to download)


The Kick Off Strikes Back

Punxsutawney Phil called, he predicts more soccer in the next few weeks.  This week on The Kick Off, we review some of the deals made on Transfer Deadline Day, Robin Van Persie’s heroic two penalty effort against Aston Villa in the FA Cup, the US Women’s National Team’s dominance in Vancouver (in which Kiran professes his love for Alex Morgan), and we also preview upcoming matches including Chelsea v Manchester United on Sunday.  If you have questions you’d like for us to answer in future podcasts, leave them in the comments below!  Enjoy!

The Kick Off #2 (Right click to download)

The Kick Off of The Kick Off

The staff here at Down By 20 is extremely excited to bring to you a brand new soccer podcast titled The Kick Off.  The Kick Off will be a weekly podcast featuring our writers Kiran Balan, Joe Ballard, and myself, as well as another soccer fan, Wassim Elhouar.  This week’s podcast covers topics including Clint Dempsey’s current outstanding form with Fullham, Mario Balotelli’s four game ban, and also the status of soccer here in the United States.  Our podcast is recorded via Skype, so you might hear a few hiccups here and there, but nothing too major.  In the future, if you have some topics that you would like us to discuss, or a question you would like us to answer, just leave it in the comments below.  You can listen to the podcast below, and also download the podcast in the following link.  Enjoy!

The Kick Off #1