All Stars Day

It’s really tough not to like the MLB All Star Game.  It accomplishes what I see as the fundamentals of an all star game: have every team is represented, every player plays, high amount of fan involvement.  And I know you’re thinking, every other ASG does the same thing, what sets this one apart?  The answer is defense.  By the very nature of baseball, you are forced to play defense if you want to score (and if you don’t field an easy fly ball or grounder coming towards you, you’re either a terrible fielder, or just lazy).  With that said, it’s defense that keeps the All Star Game from just being an All Star Affair like in the NBA for example.  In the NBA ASG there is no defense to be found, you’ll see shooting guards get down in a defensive stance, and then just watch their man drive right past them for an easy dunk, and this is why I can’t watch the NBA All Star Game for more than 10 minutes.

With that said, all star games are designed to be offensive showcases, and you get that in the MLB game along with great defensive plays (a la Jose Bautista, or Torii Hunter), and it keeps the game from getting completely out of hand and keeps the viewer engaged.  However, one of the main factors that keeps the viewer engaged is that the MLB all star game actually means something, in that the winning side gets home field advantage in the World Series for their league.  And I think that’s dumb.  Home field advantage in the World Series should be determined by the team with the best record, however if they truly have the best record then there should be no problem of them winning. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy this caveat of the All Star Game that gives the players something to play for other than bragging rights, I’m simply saying it’s dumb. But let’s actually get to the game itself. Read more of this post